Bounce Back

Reclaim hand mobility with stem cell therapy offered by Southampton-based physician Dr. James Brady.
Dr. James Brady’s stem cell therapies allow tennis enthusiasts to return to the court pain free.

The community of the East End is an active one: Sprawling golf courses, elegant tennis courts and a variety of fitness destinations are abundant across the region. The benefits of these activities are plentiful for both the physical body and mental health, and can contribute to longevity and the prevention of disease. But for those experiencing chronic pain or low mobility in their hands, favorite activities may be harder to enjoy or outright impossible to take part in. Previously, many people who suffer from poor dexterity have accepted these conditions as their “new normal,” but with cutting-edge new treatments, a more nimble future is possible. 

Dr. James Brady, an award-winning plastic and hand surgeon on the East End, now offers stem cell therapy for patients with chronic hand pain. A single injection can provide long-term relief to tennis players, golfers, gardeners, chefs, powerlifters or anyone sidelined by reduced hand mobility. Treatment works by extracting, treating and reintegrating the patient’s own stem cells back into their body to accelerate natural healing processes, reduce pain and fight inflammation. A nearly pain-free process—which requires only local anesthesia—collects stem cells from the patient’s natural fat deposits, then injects them into the injured area of the hand. Over time, these rejuvenated cells can potentially repair and regenerate the damaged tissues, resulting in relief of pain and improvement in mobility and function. 

Dr. James Brady

Dr. Brady’s state-of-the-art East End facility also offers a spectrum of aesthetic facial and body rejuvenation procedures, including high-impact laser treatments like MOXI and ClearSilk, the QWO cellulite-busting injectable and a new evolution of CoolSculpting, known as CoolSculpting Elite. 

Visit Dr. Brady’s Southampton practice at 686 County Road 39A.