S’eau Prima’s Miracle Mist

Revolutionary remedy hypochlorous acid makes its debut in the skin care space through S’eau Prima.

When S’eau Prima co-founders Sybil Steele and Karen Hayes thought about starting a beauty brand, it was never just about skin care. Their championing of a little-known superpower skin care ingredient, combined with a mission to support women to make transformative change in the world, led to the creation of S’eau Prima. Steele, an entrepreneur and the brand’s creative director, discovered the magic of hypochlorous acid when her then-husband, a surfer, brought it home as a nontoxic wound ointment for cuts and scrapes. As Steele learned more about the molecule’s role in healing, she began to experiment with a refined formulation in her skin care routine. To bring this revolutionary concept to fruition, she joined forces with long-time friend Karen Hayes, a seasoned beauty veteran.

The hero ingredient in S’eau Prima is naturally produced by our own white blood cells, giving skin an extra boost of restorative power to fight acne and soothe irritation. An ideal first layer of any skin care routine, the Foundational Face Mist lays a smooth and healthy foundation that promotes hydration, balances pH levels and evens out the complexion. Functioning as a barrier against environmental stressors that can cause skin impurities, the nourishing mist also contains Bora Bora sea salt, which promotes healthy cell activity and eliminates excess sebum. Sourced from the pristine waters of French Polynesia, this salt’s minerality helps to soften, firm and draw moisture to the skin.

Recognizing that women fulfill many roles throughout their lifetime, Sybil and Karen bring a more mindful approach to beauty. S’eau Prima creates cruelty-free products packaged in sustainable materials, while working to build a community that gives women the tools to put themselves first and lead in all aspects of modern society. For every product sold, S’eau Prima donates 1 percent of proceeds to She’s The First, a female-founded nonprofit organization that uplifts young women globally through education and advocacy.

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