Frank Wurzer Photography: Worth A Thousand Words

How East End photographer Frank Wurzer captures the essence of familial love in his portrait photography.
The Keszler family, photographed by Frank Wurzer

by Gabrielle Echevarrieta

“Photography is about the intuitive moment and knowing to hit the trigger in that very moment,” says Frank Wurzer, a Hamptons- and Berlin-based photographer specializing in family portraiture.. A family tree is rich with nuance: a network of unique relationships, history and a strong bond running through each generation. A well-executed portrait can capture these sentimental details, preserving the essence of each member and the love they share.

Wurzer dives deep into the emotional core of a family to properly execute each series of photos. Soaking in the details of a subject’s life, from clothing choices and body language to the look of their home, Wurzer carefully curates every photo shoot according to individualized preferences. “When I dedicate myself to a family, I form an inner image, a feeling for that family and the place where they live,” he says. “I spend time with each family member. That includes recommendations for what to wear for the shoot. And let’s not forget the pets.”