Do Good, Plant Trees

Stephan Keszler, founder of 1tee 10trees—a mindful apparel brand that plants 10 trees for every T-shirt sold—speaks on the brand’s crucial work, and contribution to the well-being of our planet.
Stephan Keszler brings his knowledge of apparel to a new climate-conscious shirt line. Photo: Adobe Stock

I am not a climate activist, but I instilled in my children the importance of protecting our environment, now more than ever. I’m glad to see that many years later, my children do the same with their children. A close friend of mine told me a few months ago that he needed T-shirts for his company, and asked if I knew anyone who could help. The shirts had to include an environmental message.

I told him that I would love to collaborate with him on this idea. We are grateful to live amid the natural beauty of the Hamptons, so I wanted to give something back to nature, and developed the idea of ​​1tee 10trees. I was able to find a small manufacturer in Los Angeles that uses premium cotton with modern, updated fits—exactly what I was looking for.

1tee 10tree’s message: It feels good to do good for nature. Photo courtesy of 1tee 10trees

My friend loved the concept, the T-shirts, later ordering 600 of them. This allowed us to plant 6,000 trees with our partners at, a nonprofit organization that has put more than 20 million trees in the ground this past year. Giving back to nature feels good; that’s why a “Do Good” logo is printed on our shirts.