Guided By Biet: Breathing Practices

Meditation teacher Biet Simkin answers Purist readers’ questions.
It’s normal with somatic work to experience some unexpected emotions. To integrate, it is important to ground. Photo: Adobe Stock

Dear Biet,

‘Biet Breath’ changed my life! I feel like ever since I began doing your breath work, I am so connected to life, and so free from daily worry. I do, however, wonder if I am in any danger? Your breath work is so intense sometimes I wonder if I may harm myself. What’s your experience with this?


Hannah, U.K.

Dear Hannah,

I get this question all the time, and I myself have been suspicious of my own breath work, in the beginning years of its mastery. However, I have concluded after many years that it is safe and you are safe. I didn’t share this breath work with the world until I really felt secure in the matter. I would not do more than 15 rounds in a row, but all in all I typically only do three rounds of three…so if you’re in that range, you will be totally fine! As always, do the breath work in a soft environment, so if you fall, you won’t hit any objects.



Dear Biet,

I did your breathing practice with Cristina Cuomo in an IG a few weeks ago, and it was so transformative! I started weeping, and I felt like I unlocked something I hadn’t accessed my whole life. It was, however, scary to see such a vulnerable side of myself. Is there anything you would recommend after such a shocking experience? Perhaps to integrate the work? I feel I need help.


Chloe, NYC


It’s normal with this type of somatic work to experience some unexpected emotions that seem to erupt. To integrate, it is so important to ground. Wiggle your toes, place feet on the earth, take a walk, look around with your eyes. Get back into the present moment. I find gentle breath often helps with that. There is nothing wrong with you! It is a good thing that you are feeling things.



Dear Biet,

My daughter died like yours, but it was a stillbirth. I am still grieving, and I don’t know what could help me. We are trying to get pregnant again, and I feel scared and don’t want to bring the energy of what happened with baby Liam into this new baby. Do you have any suggestions? How did you move on and feel strong enough to have another child?

Kind regards,

Lisa, U.K.


I am so sorry for your loss! A friend of mine went through this recently. She lost her son to stillbirth and then shortly after, got pregnant with a baby girl. I was so amazed by her bravery, but she explained that she somehow knew that her baby boy came to die and teach her a great lesson, to uplevel her connection to her soul…she also felt intuitively that she was meant to have a girl, as the baby who passed away would have been her fourth son. So she just jumped in and got pregnant again, almost immediately. I know her story isn’t everyone’s. I understand everyone has a different lesson with such a great loss, but what I’ll say is: Everyone has a destiny. Just like your destiny to be here now, and mine.