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Holistic ways to manage tough menopause symptoms. By Cristina Cuomo
“Aging gracefully is a state of mind, and here are some of my favorite products to keep you confident.”   With Naomi Watts, founder and chief creative officer of the new holistic product line Stripes.  Photography: Sophie Elgort
“Oribe’s shampoo and conditioners are a must after my fall surfing to keep hair smooth and clean.” Hair Alchemy resilience shampoo, $49, Oribe, available at Revolve Hair, 34 Hill St., Southampton; oribe.com
“MyAlloy addresses all the menopausal h’s like hot flashes, headaches and hair loss through a community of personalized solutions and telemedicine. Take the quiz and see where you fall in the phases of menopause—pre, peri, menopause or post.” The Alloy Synbiotic, $25 per month, MyAlloy, myalloy.com
“I can’t say enough about this botanical- and vitamin-packed hair formulation. It helps as hormones change through the cycles of menopause, with ingredients for whole-body health like saw palmetto fruit, biotin and iodine from organic kelp.” Women’s Balance, $79 per month, Nutrafol, nutrafol.com
“With a powerful blend of ectoine, hyaluronic acid and glycogen, this moisturizer can be used daily to maintain hydration down there.” Vag of Honor Ectoine Hydrating & Revitalizing Gel, $50, Stripes, iamstripes.com
“As sleep gets dysregulated with hormonal imbalance, the Dream Bundle adds full-body calm with a tincture and a topical for muscle relief at bedtime.” Dream Bundle, $125, Prospect Farms CBD, prospectfarms.com
“Chantecaille’s face mask smooths out the fine lines overnight, and the hibiscus is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.” Hibiscus smoothing mask, $92, Chantecaille, chantecaille.com
“Moon Juice is always launching effective plant-based immune-boosting products to get your glow on—including the best glutathione powder for flu season.” G Pack, $58, Moon Juice, moonjuice.com