Repatterning the Taboo

A day-to-day tool to optimize mental wellness.
Costas Picadas “Biomes and Homologies-Brain,” 2023

By Jody Levy

In March 2020, the world was turning inside out, and “mental health” was still taboo. “Mental health” was an expression that made people feel discomfort. For many, it was for “the others”—it was still buried, hidden, quiet. But fear, solitude and suffering were all around us, and everyone, without exception, was being touched by it.

So began the mainstreaming of hacks, tricks and tips for brain and body balance. Micro this and macro that, we were all doing all the things—working out to release endorphins, powering down to balance our natural chemicals, meditating, moving, popping plants and pills, doing what we could to learn ourselves so that we could survive and thrive.

March 2020 also happened to coincide with the moment where my business partner, neuroplasticity pioneer Lisa Wimberger, and I had planned to launch our new digital app, NeuroPraxis, designed to support people experiencing symptoms often associated with what I call “biotoxic illness,” a category that includes Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses, mold disease, impact from toxins and metals, and other associated coinfections and viruses. We had designed an app for a small segment of biotoxic humans, but we were launching at a time where everyone on our precious planet was managing the impact of an unknown, invisible predator—a virus. People across the globe started using our simple and effective little app to help them not just cope but truly thrive. They still do today!

Prior to this auspicious launch date, I was on my wellness journey—and while that may sound like a nice trip to the spa, it was more of a tumultuous Game of Thrones battle, with invasive pathogens in my body that felt like each discovery was advancing to the next level of a dragon-slaying game. Those who know, know. As an information junkie, I learned about the science of neurological pain patterns and how trauma can present even after the source is gone. I was experiencing this. I learned about neuroplasticity, our innate ability to shift our limbic brain patterns. I learned about phantom pain. I was introduced to Lisa Wimberger, now my dearest friend and business partner in NeuroPraxis. Lisa is the founder of a neurological reprogramming process called Neurosculpting and the creator of the Neurosculpting Institute.

After having positive life-changing effects after only four 15-minute sessions with Lisa, we knew we had to bring this modality to everyone we possibly could. So, we created a brain repatterning iPhone app called NeuroPraxis, with a library of five- to 15-minute brain-based meditation modules custom designed to target specific body, mind and psychological triggers. It’s for anyone and everyone struggling with PTSD, chronic pain, cognitive imbalance and stress.

In this age where surviving the day-to-day can seem arduous, NeuroPraxis is a tool that anyone can use—anytime, anywhere—to find relief with long-term positive impact. It’s all about the tiny tools that keep us healthy and how we set ourselves up in the day-to-day to thrive. Let’s all keep working to repattern the taboo, so we can live our happiest lives.

A module for “release” can be found on our website to trial before downloading the full app: Find NeuroPraxis on the app store.