Manhattan’s Center for Life and Longevity

NYC’s Elitra Health offers patients a unique, elevated approach to preventive health care.

Elitra Health, a leading provider of preventive health measures, is offering a comprehensive health assessment—the Elitra Exam—that extends beyond the standard checkup to empower you on your wellness journey. Are you ready to take charge of your health span and unlock your full potential for lifelong well-being? 

What is Health Span? 

Health span refers to the period during which an individual enjoys optimal health and functional capacity, free from the burden of chronic diseases or disabilities. It is a measure of the overall quality of health and well-being throughout a person’s life span, or the number of years someone lives. As people are living longer, the gap between one’s health span and life span has increased. The goal of preventive medicine is to detect potential issues with executive physical exams and determine personalized wellness plans to defeat diseases before they become threats to your health span. 

What is a Preventive Health Exam? 

Unlike traditional annual physical exams covered by insurance, the Elitra Exam is a preventive deep dive into your personalized health status. This comprehensive assessment, also called an executive physical exam, includes a wide range of medical evaluations including extensive lab tests, advanced imaging scans, stress and anxiety tests, nutritional consultations and more. The primary goal is a complete review of your health to form a preventive medicine plan. The focus of preventive medicine is to promote health and reduce the risk of disease before it happens through lifestyle modifications and early detection. 

Why Elitra Health? 

One of the standout features of an Elitra Exam is the convenience and efficiency it offers. You will meet with world-class preventive health physicians, expert nutritionists and exercise physiologists all in the comfort and luxury of our state-of-the-art wellness center. During your single-day Elitra experience, you will have virtually unlimited time with your doctor, a personal concierge who guides you through a tailored no-wait visit, expedited follow-up care through our extensive partnership network and immediate feedback through same-day results.