Summer in a Bottle

Wölffer Estate Vineyard Announces 2022 Rosé Vintages and 35 Years of Winemaking

Wölffer Estate’s rising momentum over the past five years, including the release of its rosé from Provence, has paved a path for it to become the best vineyard on the East Coast. This can be credited to the perfect blend of innovation, trusted partners and a team of leaders who continue to push the boundaries in the world of winemaking. As it welcomes its 35th year, we celebrate the accomplishments of this family-owned winery.  

To mark this significant milestone, the vineyard is back with the quintessential warm-weather favorite, Summer in a Bottle Côtes de Provence Rosé 2022 and Summer in a Bottle Long Island Rosé 2022. Now the third largest rosé nationwide and the fastest growing rosé in New York City, Summer in a Bottle has pushed the boundaries of what a family-owned Long Island winery can accomplish. 

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