Radiance: Worth Reimagined

Robin Baker Leacock shines a light on defining and embracing what is important in our lives.

In past years, acclaimed documentarian and author Robin Baker Leacock turned her lens on the joyfulness of aging, fashion and a storied New York City eatery with Mortimer’s: Moments In Time. Now, Leacock focuses on the cost of being human with her new book, Radiance: Worth Reimagined, a collection of essays, poems, musings and photographs that contemplate and envision how and why we define and embrace what is important in our lives.

 When it feels like we, as a society, are measuring ourselves against the curated social media images of picture-perfect vacations, pristine kitchen counters, well-behaved and dressed families, and stylized friends clinking glasses of wine, Baker Leacock invites us to look inward and decide what we value most about ourselves.

Radiance is about what we value as a culture,” says Leacock, “emphasizing the idea that worth is entirely up to the individual: what they are worth, others are worth, objects are worth; the value of our inner self, that we are enough and more than enough and already have what we are running around seeking.”

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