Aspen Film 2023

August 21, 2023

Purist held a pre-Aspen Film Summer Series cocktail party on Monday, August 21. The event was held at 1A Project Design Showroom, a new collaboration between Skye Gallery and Harvey Preston Gallery in Aspen. 

Susan Wrubel, executive director of Aspen Film, Gallerist’s Skye Weinglass, Sam Harvey, Alexandra Halperin and Cheryl Foerster of the Purist hosted. The full house mingled while admiring the summer exhibit at 1A Projects.  

Aspen Executive Chef Services Founder, Alex Forsythe served guests lobster in blue corn tortillas topped with wasabi caviar, blini topped with Tsar Nicoulai caviar and a paloma cocktail adorned with cherry-basil skewers. Movie-goers left with a goodie bag of popcorn and dried apples.

Guests in attendance included Soffia Wardy and Pepper Weinglass, Lando Saks, Max Kauffman, Odini Gogo and Angi Wang.

Cinephiles left for an outdoor screening of Good Will Hunting outside The Little Nell at the base of the gondola. Rows of seats were adorned with blue and white checked runners, and tables were stocked with champagne and popcorn to view the movie.