Holistic Spirit

Made with specially-curated ingredients and infusions of all-natural extracts, co-founders Amy Holmwood and Woody Harrelson created a range of spirits that give consumers a better way to drink.


Introducing Origen Holistic Spirits, a specialty vodka made with natural flavors, and Harmony Gin; both all-natural botanical ingredient based spirits offer consumers a better way to drink. Using carefully crafted and certified green distilling methods, Holistic Spirits Company marries science, nature and artisanal distillation. All derived from a selection of thoughtfully sourced plants and botanicals, these natural-based spirit formulations are breaking barriers in innovation. Origen Holistic Spirits recently earned the highly coveted Innovation Award from the prestigious international SIP Competition, along with a gold medal recognizing its incredible taste.

Both Origen and Harmony are infused with a proprietary, natural blend of French artichoke leaves, muscadine grapes, which are indigenous only to the American South, and rounding out the infusion of specialty ingredients, green tea leaves from China and Austrian elderberries. Harmony Gin also includes coriander seed, hyssop, lemon peel, lime peel, angelica root, juniper berries and orris root. The resulting spirits contain zero sugar, artificial flavors, GMOs or additives and offer a tasting experience that redefines the way people will think about vodka or gin. 

Inspired by overcoming her own series of health issues through holistic methods, Holmwood attained a master’s degree in biotechnology enterprise from Johns Hopkins University and a nutrition sciences certification from the Center for Health Education at Stanford University. With the help of Nathalie Chevreau, PhD, RD, and years of rigorous testing and research, the team had a final formula ready for production in the spring of 2022.

Once Harrelson tasted Holmwood’s innovative Origen blend, the impassioned, longtime vegan knew he had to help bring the Holistic Spirits Company’s products to the world. “For years I’ve wondered who was going to come along and put my favorite superfoods into spirits,” says Harrelson. “I think it’s a marvelous thing that Amy came up with, and I admire her sense of purpose. It was a no-brainer to get involved from the start.”

Purchase Harmony Gin here, and Origen Specialty Vodka here; drinkholistic.com