Finding Your Light

To find and brighten the light within, unlock three energy mastery principles.
Light is simply high-vibration energy, and this energy is your essence. Photo: Victoria Medvedeva

by Christy Whitman

We all want to feel the presence of our inner light. We want to feel radiant in our bodies. We adore the experience of feeling lighthearted and unburdened. Being in love—with a person, an idea or even a desire we’re working toward—puts a spring in our step and a gleam in our eyes.

But what is the source of the light we’re seeking, and how can we cultivate its presence within us? Here are three energy mastery principles to help you find—and brighten—your inner light.

Principle No. 1: Recognize that the light you seek is not something that you need to strive to create.

Light is simply high-vibration energy, and this energy is your very essence, your natural state of being.

The energy that moves through us is sourced from the same energy stream that creates and sustains all things. And this energy stream has been called many things—life force, prana, chi, god, goddess, to name a few. The particular name we use to describe our inner light is unimportant. What matters is that we recognize that the inner light exists, and that we know that we are the ones who have the power to align with it, or to block ourselves off from it.

Principle No. 2: Resistance opposes the light you seek, while acceptance and allowance invites it in.

The fastest way to find and strengthen your inner light is to actively notice and appreciate everything that is working in your life, by amplifying all that you desire to say “yes” to. Not only is it unnecessary to push against all the things you don’t desire, it’s actually counterproductive.

Focusing on problems only causes your awareness of those problems to become bigger. This crashes your mood, causes you stress and diminishes your light. So instead, think and speak only about what you do want and all that you do appreciate. What you focus on, you become. By appreciating all that you love, you raise your vibration and make room for more of your inner light.

Principle No. 3: Fill yourself from the inside out.

The light we seek can only be cultivated from within, and it grows stronger and more resilient in the presence of our own self-care. Read from the list below, and incorporate as many of these self-loving actions into your daily routine as you feel inspired to:

Oxygenate your body with three deep, long, slow breaths. Feel the air filling your abdomen, then expanding your side ribs, back and chest.

Bask for 15 minutes in the early morning light. Make sure to use sunscreen if appropriate.

Inhale an uplifting, stimulating fragrance, such as peppermint or citrus.

Prioritize laughing! Watch comedy shows, or read a funny book or movie.

Treat yourself as you would a dear friend. What words do you most need to hear right now? Look in the mirror and offer them to yourself.

Look for opportunities to practice generosity. Open a door for someone, or let a fellow driver into your lane of traffic. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line. As you give to others, acknowledge and appreciate the abundance that is all around you.

Look for evidence of all that is going right. Life will show you evidence of whatever you believe is true. Begin your day with an honest desire to rendezvous with examples of love, beauty, awe, generosity and well-being.