Guilt-Free Back To School Snacks

A healthy lineup of tasty, nutritious goodies.
Snacking wisely can boost brainpower and amp up metabolism. Photo: Cipariss

By Vashti Moore

HiiT Nutrition

President and founder Elizabeth McMillin aims to provide products with simple ingredients that can fuel the body efficiently, in a delicious way. High in fiber and packed with plant protein, all of HiiT Nutrition’s products are vegan and gluten-, dairy-, soy- and preservative-free., Instagram: @hiitnutrition

Scott’s Protein Balls

Scott Levine and his wife, Lori, were hit with a scare in 2017 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery and treatment, the couple made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They created and produced a plant-based, all-natural sweet snack, Scott’s Protein Balls. All products are non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, have no refined sugar, and are free of refined salts and preservatives. They offer nut-free varieties too., Instagram: @scottsproteinballs

My Fit Kitchen by Anke

All products are inspired by the organic gardens and delicious meals founder Anke Albert Cosich’s mother made from ingredients harvested straight from the German countryside. Popular products include Better Butter Cookies Original, Chocolate Chip Oat Crunch Cookies, Chocolate Oat Crunch Cookies, and Ginger Oat Crunch Cookies., Instagram: @my_fit_kitchen_by_anke

Sweet Loren’s

Founder and CEO Loren Brill Castle is a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor who decided to eliminate all processed food from her diet after her diagnosis and treatment. All products are made from clean, non-GMO, gluten-free and plant-based ingredients., Instagram: @sweetlorens

Belliwelli Bars

Founded by husband and wife Katie and Nick Wilson, these sweet snacks are designed to promote gut health.  Belliwelli Bars can are available online for shipping., Instagram: @belliwellisnacks

Emmy’s Organics

Ian Gaffney and Samantha Abrams created delicious and healthy cookies out of the best ingredients from their local grocery stores and farmers markets. Emmy’s Organics (named after Ian’s mom) can be found in the Hamptons at Stop & Shop in Southampton and Provisions Natural Foods Market in Water Mill., Instagram:

Maxine’s Heavenly

Mom’s cookies always bring the family together. That’s the story behind Maxine’s Cookies. Originally made from ingredients that consisted of processed flours and sugars, Maxine’s son, Tim Miller, took it upon himself to continue his mother’s legacy of sweet treats, but with a healthier approach. All processed flours and sugars, gluten, and animal product ingredients were replaced by gluten-free oats, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut nectar, dates and other good-for-you ingredients., Instagram:

Partake Foods

Denise Woodard founded Partake Foods in 2016 after her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. All of Partake’s products are free of dairy, peanuts, egg, soy, tree nuts sesame and artificial flavors, and are non-GMO., Instagram: @partakefoods

Siete Foods

As a teenager, Veronica Garza was diagnosed with a variety of debilitating, potentially life-threatening autoimmune conditions. That’s how Siete Family Foods was born. Together the family of seven (siete in Spanish) started exercising and even created their own CrossFit gym. Veronica then began making grain-free tortillas, which became a family favorite. The family-owned brand offers a variety of products, including cookies, churro strips, and salty snacks like potato chips and tortilla chips., Instagram: @sietefoods

Enjoy Life

These allergy-friendly cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth. Free from gluten and over 10 allergens including wheat, peanuts, soy, egg and much more, Enjoy Life has products for those who like their cookies crunchy, and those who enjoy them soft. The brand offers other treats that include brownie bites and snack bars., Instagram: @enjoylifefood