Fountain of Youth at JECT

Medical-grade exosome treatment at the aesthetic bar is the latest in revolutionary skin care advancements.
Exosomes can help clarify, tone and tighten the skin. Photo: Kayla Varley

By Cristina Cuomo

New York City—late to the wellness boom—has caught up quickly. From IVs to peptides, every block has wellness centers and injectable beauty or “botox bars” popping up. One of-the-moment topical treatment involves tiny, naturally occurring extracellular vesicles called exosomes that seem to help in achieving youthful and healthy-looking skin. At JECT, one of New York City’s top aesthetics bars, the medical-grade exosome treatment is the latest in revolutionary skin care advancements.

Exosomes’ bioactive molecules contain proteins, lipids and nucleic acids that transfer information between cells and harness their regenerative abilities. At JECT, exosomes are applied directly on the face after microneedling, which helps soften lines, reduce acne and scarring, and boost collagen production by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. This process of regenerating skin tissue promotes elastin and has been found to reduce wrinkles by tightening up the skin. JECT has locations in the West Village, Upper East Side, Bridgehampton and Rye Brook, New York (and Miami Beach coming soon).