Gather and Grow at Hearty Longevity Lounge

Welcome Sag Harbor's hub for community wellness.
Dr. Luu with his wife, MoAna, and son. Photo courtesy of Hearty Health

By Ray Rogers

“I call this our ‘haven of health,’” says David Luu, M.D., seated on an elegant armchair, upholstered with a cozy, fluffy, white covering, inside the Hearty Longevity Lounge in Sag Harbor. The space, which opened its doors this summer, offers members of his 2-year-old virtual Hearty club, and interested local community residents, a place to convene, learn and talk about all things wellness.

A pediatric heart surgeon by training, the French-born Luu spent much of the past decade doing humanitarian work in developing countries in Africa, before relocating to the States and creating Hearty, “the members club you need to live younger, longer,” as its tagline reads. “I realized it was exactly the same problem in America: The health care system was really reactive. Doctors didn’t have the time. Everything was super fragmented—a doctor for your brain, a doctor for your heart, a doctor for your cold. People were aging too fast in America. So, this idea came from the understanding that if you really want to change things, you have to bring health closer to the people. You have to give them time. You have to be with them, and you have to educate them.”

To that effect, all members get three telehealth visits, precision testing (nutrigenomics, advanced blood biomarkers and imaging), real-time data monitoring of biometrics via wearables, and more, with a centralized data hub on the Hearty app. “We do a 360 checkup—360 vision of your health—and then we look at every different part and our physicians design a road map for the year,” says Luu, sporting an Oura ring on his right index finger and a glucometer patch on his upper left arm, two of the biohacking wearable tech monitors that come with a Hearty membership. “We look at nutrition, diet, sleep, stress management, exercise and community support.” Just as important perhaps, Hearty also encourages members to think about their sense of purpose in life. “Do you know that purpose and mission are the No. 1 and No. 2 factors for longevity, and then health improvement? Most people don’t realize that.”

The serene Longevity Lounge. Photo courtesy of Hearty Health

The Longevity Lounge was a natural next step, offering a gathering spot to educate and build community, another important pillar of wellness. Walking into the serene space, a mix of calming neutrals with gold accents, designed with feng shui in mind by Luu’s wife, MoAna Luu, the fresh scent of Moroccan mint has an instantly relaxing effect. “We wanted it to feel like home—it doesn’t look like a clinic, and that’s on purpose,” he says. It’s the perfect setting for community health talks that keep members engaged and informed on topics such as social health, menopause and perimenopause, and andropause for men. A big hit this summer was a panel talk on “good orgasm.” Says Luu, “We host talks on topics that most of the time are stigmatized a little bit. But people want to know where they are in their journey, and what solutions they have.” 51 Division St., Sag Harbor;