Winter Glam

The Jimmy Choo Winter 2023 collection celebrates nature, texture and femininity.
The Bon Bon

The orchid forms the collection’s leitmotif—featured as singular blooms or clustered together to animate surfaces. Ever transforming, floral shapes are reiterated in sculpted metal, like jewelry pieces, in formed leathers and through embroideries, while their vibrant colors and the textures of their petals inspire luscious taffetas and velvets.

In the orchid, nature meets nurture: Orchids are cultivated, crafted, fashioned even. They are a metaphor for a collection that explores heightened senses, a fresh view of the art of nature. This forms the inspiration for the Drop Heel, a newly introduced emblematic silhouette for Jimmy Choo. With a shape inspired by a drop of liquid, captured in motion and seemingly frozen in time, the shoe is both natural and supernatural, real and unreal. 

The Ixia pump and Zea sandal

Inspired by the preciousness of the natural world, sculptural gold metal blooms, punctuated with dewdrops of crystal, decorate the Ixia pump and Zea sandal—both featuring the new Drop Heel, and blurring the line between jewelry and accessory. Formed and sculpted, these flowers are like art pieces—placed asymmetrically on the shoe, so no two pairs are exactly alike. 

“Flowers are about togetherness and celebration, a universal idea. This season, I decided to look at the orchid, a flower that is unique, truly special—its shape is so unusual, they’re like a fantasy of a flower, heightened, almost unreal,” Says Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi. “Orchids make a statement. They’re cultivated, they’re crafted, so there’s an affinity between what we do and this flower. They’re in the nature of Jimmy Choo.”