Boxed Water, Delivered

Simplify your sustainability habits.

Boxed Water offers the most renewably packaged water in the market. The brand’s pure water and fresh fruit flavors have won taste and design awards around the globe. If you haven’t tried it for yourself, give yourself or loved ones the gift of sustainability. Boxed Water is offering an exclusive deal for the Purist community: enjoy a free case of premium water when you start a recurring subscription. 

During the busy holiday season, you can easily check one item off your to-do list. Boxed Water’s subscription program ensures that water is delivered to your door regularly. Cancel or adjust any time. You can even switch shipping addresses to accommodate your holiday travels. Thousands of customers have raved about the ease of delivery and five-star customer service. 

Simply follow the link and enter your email to receive a unique redemption code (available to the first 200 people). Select from Boxed Water’s CarbonNeutral-certified 16.9 oz product to their mini fan-favorite 8.5 oz cartons. Or try it with a twist of lemon or cucumber flavors. 

Additional perks include early access to new products and anniversary gifts, while Boxed Water will plant two trees in a National Forest with each new subscription. The brand has planted over 1.4 million trees throughout U.S. National Forests, in addition to their newest efforts to plant trees within urban cities. You can support their efforts to create a better planet.