Clean Beauty, Clean Planet

The personal care brand Evolvetogether is on a mission to protect the natural world, one eco-friendly product at a time.
Combat chapped lips this winter with Evolvetogether’s hydrating, non-sticky lip balm. Photo: Tess Comrie

By Jim Servin

It’s clean beauty, remixed and redefined. The West Hollywood, California-based brand Evolvetogether has a coherent game plan, a noble mission—and an effective and chic product line. “We recognize that ‘clean beauty’ is neither a standardized nor regulated term, and ‘clean’ expands beyond product formulas,” says Cynthia Sakai, designer and founder of Evolvetogether. “Modern consumers are looking for high-performing products that are beautifully designed, good for people and the planet.”

Edited to essentials, including a face wash, a lip balm, body cream, hand cream and deodorant, Evolvetogether products are scented with five distinctive, gender-neutral fragrances evoking favorite destinations (Havana is spicy wood; Malibu, citrus; Monaco, modern rose; Provence, lavender; and Tulum, fresh earth). They are packaged in sculptural white containers resembling sometimes smooth and spherical, sometimes crinkled Noguchi paper lamps.

The personal care company matches product effectiveness and desirability with planet-friendliness. A vitamin-packed hand cream, fast-absorbing to leave no greasy residue, is contained in a forever-recyclable aluminum tube. Hydrating lip balm, a blend of coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba seed oil, was formulated without parabens, sulfates, preservatives, soy or gluten. Evolvetogether’s personal care collection has currently saved an estimated 26,700 (and counting) pounds of plastic, a figure determined, says Sakai, by partnering with a software company that helps Evolvetogether calculate the amount of single-use plastic its products save, “comparing the amount of plastic in our products to the average amount of plastic in peers’ products.”

The line also has a Gone Today collection, currently a coconut powder face wash and hand soap, both sold in 100 percent disposable packaging that dissolves under running water. The highly awarded deodorant, which Sakai names as her personal favorite, “feels like an elevated fragrance, not simply a deodorant,” she says. “It’s made without aluminum, baking soda or talc. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA. It’s housed in a 100 percent biodegradable paper exterior and a protective plastic interior, minimizing unnecessary single-use plastic.”

Clean, to the makers of Evolvetogether, is a lifestyle encompassing nourishment for body and mind, along with caring for community and environment. “We opt for biodegradable, dissolvable, or forever-recyclable materials, without sacrificing performance or safety,” says Sakai. While searching for a tree-free material for packaging, the Evolvetogether team discovered a lower-impact material made from sugarcane waste. “More conscious packaging options are emerging, and we’ll continue to evolve our choices,” she adds. “We believe small, daily actions can add up to a lot of good.” 

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