Intuisse Skin Science: Give It A Glow

Intuisse harnesses the power of NAD+ in a collection of nourishing skin essentials.
Activate your skin’s innate anti-aging mechanisms with NAD+. Photo courtesy of Intuisse

By Gabrielle Echevarrieta

Intuisse, a mindfully crafted skin care line formulated with the power of NAD+, thrives at the intersection of beauty and science. Created by Estée Lauder alumna Isabel Greiner in collaboration with Swiss molecular scientists, the brand uses revolutionary technology to bolster cellular resilience, promote longevity and support the body’s natural defenses against stressors. 

NAD+, a crucial building block of life found within each cell of the body, offers a fleet of well-documented benefits for skin wellness. This mighty coenzyme provides crucial support for DNA repair, aiding cells in regrowth following environmental or internal damage. The body’s NAD+ levels are approximately 50 percent depleted by the time a person reaches middle age, leading to loss of elasticity and firmness. While the benefits of NAD+ have been difficult to harness in the past, Intuisse’s pharma-grade formulations have successfully infused the ingredient into a signature skin care regimen.

In addition to 5 percent NAD+, each step in the Intuisse routine is formulated with clean ingredients to boost every facet of skin health. The eye serum contains four variations of hyaluronic acid and a hint of mica to create a subtle sheen, and the rich essential cream blends squalene and peptides for ultra-deep hydration. The cleansing lotion is packed with centella asiatica leaf extract and alpha-glucan oligosaccharides to combat environmental impurities. Sleek, eco-conscious packaging makes product restocking a breeze, with each refill lasting up to one year in refrigeration and two months at room temperature.

“Our hero product is the face serum,” Greiner says. “It provides all the benefits of NAD+ and can be easily integrated into any existing skin care regimen. It produces microcirculation through the power of pomegranate enzymes, creating an immediate radiance. I combine it with my daily SPF and I’m ready to go.” 

Clean beauty aficionados can get an even deeper dose of NAD+ at Intuisse’s flagship spa, nestled inside the chic Maison Hudson residential hotel on Manhattan’s West Side. Services include body-focused massage, facial treatments infused with Intuisse products and drip IV therapies created in collaboration with NADclinic. Practitioners tailor each rejuvenation ritual according to specific needs, providing electromuscular facial stimulation, exfoliation and extraction, oxygenation, and a 40 percent NAD+ formula applied into skin using a jade roller. “Our goal was to offer hyper-personalization in a boutique space,” says Greiner. “The vision was to have an ultra-luxurious experience in longevity and wellness.” Visit Intuisse’s spa at Maison Hudson, 401 West St., New York;