You Are Energy. Now What?

Life is flexible. Embrace the space.
What works best is when the choices you make align with who you are. Photo: Jeremy Bishop

By Stephanie Marango, MD

You learned in school that atoms come from stars that lived and died about 14 billion years ago, that they are the building blocks of your body, of all matter. However, despite their association with matter, atoms are about 99.9999999 percent empty space. They are not little balls arranged in concentric circles. They are not objects we can see. They are primarily interacting charges—wave functions and quantum fields. In other words, they are energy. Which means you are energy, too.

The implications here are interesting:

Life may be more flexible than you realize, because nothing is solid. You think you’re sitting on your chair? Nope. You’re actually hovering just above it. (What you’re feeling is your electrons pushing away the chair’s.) 

Your perspective rules. We live in a world in which light has the properties of both a wave and particle (called “wave-particle duality”). You decide how it appears.

The choice is yours. It’s your call whether Schrödinger’s cat is alive or dead. Choose the option that works best for you.

From the energetic standpoint, what works best is when the choices you make align with who you are. When your physical expression—what you eat and think, where you live, how you move—is saying the same thing as your energetic one. For instance, your mind might find a keto diet compelling, but your energy may need more grounding with starch. Your daily strength training might help you feel amped, when moderate exercise three to four times a week would invigorate you much more sustainably.

Here are three questions to help you tune in to your energetic nature. What people, places, and activities:

Enhance your energy (walking on the beach, listening to your favorite tunes, dancing)? 

Dull it (washing dishes, sitting for hours, eating too much sugar)?

Shift it (playing with a child, receiving a massage, meditating)? How?

Before you know it, you’ll be an energetic pro. You know how you can put a water into the freezer to make ice? You have your own corollary, your own way to shift energetic states whenever you want. The first step is simply recognizing your energetic extent. To wit: If we removed all the space from your atoms, the rest of you would fit in a particle of dust.

So, embrace the space. Once you start tapping into the unseen forces that make you, you’ll realize it’s the same fundamental forces that connect us.

Stephanie Marango, MD, is the founder of Coherent Health;