Crystalline Beauty

Meet the integrative, East-meets-West skin care brand that’s transforming the industry.
Karen and Kristin Petrovich. Photo: Eve Greendale

By Jenna Lebovits

“After a fall from skiing that resulted in a fractured leg and bone bruise, I was bedridden for eight months,” shares Själ co-founder Kristin Petrovich. “Nothing worked. I researched, met with top experts and began taking BPC-157 peptide. The results astounded me, and I noticed a difference in four days. By day 10 I felt restored—this was a secret I had to share.”

Driven by a desire for simplicity and a longtime passion for Eastern medicine, mother-daughter duo Karen and Kristin Petrovich launched Själ, a holistic beauty brand that’s been cited by many as the pioneer of luxury integrative skin care. Själ provides a straightforward solution for the all-too-detailed skin care regimens that exist in abundance in today’s market. The extensive line—which is formulated with all skin types in mind—addresses multiple concerns with minimal products containing clean and nutritionally balanced ingredients. “It was developed for a modern person who appreciates quality, results and ingredient integrity,” says Petrovich. “It’s a well-edited line that suits a busy consumer who wants a result-oriented, simple and clean approach in today’s complicated world.” The brand’s latest addition—the result of an unfortunate ski accident—is one of the purest, triple tested peptides available on the market.

Bridging Eastern and Western healing modalities through the use of mineral and gemstone technology, Själ’s products noticeably boost skin condition after one use, and can aid in increasing cellular production and micro-circulation, all while amplifying the effects of other ingredients, allowing for maximum benefit. Själ synergistically harnesses the power of Eastern medicinals such as lotus extract, pearl, ginseng, bisabolol and tamanu extract, paired with the latest innovations in European biotechnology, quantum physics and frequency. “Gemstones have been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicines and have more recently been implemented into Western biotech for cellular targeted delivery systems,” shares Petrovich.

Working on a cellular level to balance and detoxify, Själ takes bioactive anti-aging to the next level. Photo courtesy of Själ

A passionate devotee of complementary medicine, Petrovich infuses her extensive background in green, Chinese and vibrational (gemstone) medicine into the formulation of each product. Most recently, the co-founder has joined forces with a micronutrient specialist to learn more about mineral deficiencies in the body. Now, you’ll find her reading up on the latest in sound, red light and O2 therapy.

Prior to entering the market, all of Själ’s products undergo a rigorous five-year test period to ensure optimal efficacy and performance. After years of research and testing, the brand has developed a highly targeted line of skin care products with specific purposes. “Gemstones and precious minerals like gold and silver are the most efficient way to pull toxins from the skin due to their high frequency,” shares Petrovich.

What sets Själ apart from the rest of the $150 billion global market—besides its unique crystal-infused formulations—is its unwavering commitment to integrity and utilizing high-performing ingredients. “We never look at trends,” says Petrovich. “We look at what’s going on in the world and the environment; things that have a negative impact on the body such as toxins, viruses and diseases.”