Pure Picks: Ritika Ravi

The fine jewelry founder and creative director's go-tos for a busy season.
“Whenever I have a busy day and still want to look put together, these are the products I rely on,” says Ritika Ravi. “They’re all small, easy-to-wear pieces that still bring in a little something extra in terms of style and comfort.” Photo: Manasi Mahesh
“If I am not wearing diamonds, my gemstone is always emeralds. It’s a fun way to bring in a pop of color. With this elegant and versatile piece, I know I can dress it up or down depending on how I style it.” Earring Zero 3, $4,800, ivarjewelry.com
“For my lazy no-makeup days, I put on sunscreen and a bit of this and I am ready to go.” The Lip Volumizer, $90, cremedelamer.com
I never leave the house without this everyday essential. It is both bold and delicate at the same time.” Charu Zero 5, $2,500, ivarjewelry.com
“Comfort, comfort, comfort!” Summer Charms Walk, $2,875, us.loropiana.com
“This is my favorite travel companion. The size is super deceptive, but I can fit everything I could possibly need.” Small Puzzle bumbag in classic calfskin, $2,550, loewe.com
“What is life without a little bit of whimsy? It is an easy piece to stack.” Whimsy Zero 2, $2,480, ivarjewelry.com