Taste of Summer

Wölffer Estate Vineyard celebrates 10 years of its colorful, speciality rosé.

Summer in a Bottle Long Island Rosé 2023 is a testament to a decade of sun-soaked memories, laughter and the vibrant spirit of summer. This 10th anniversary edition not only toasts to unforgettable summers year after year, but also pays homage to the heritage of artistry in the Hamptons. Over the years, the Hamptons has attracted many artists with its beautiful landscapes, peaceful nature and harmony with the sea, all of which inspire the thoughtfully crafted blend that Summer in a Bottle has come to be known for.

Similar to a painter’s meticulous selection of colors, Wölffer Estate crafted this rosé using nine grape varieties from different vineyard sites. Each variety, like pigments on a palette, adds unique characteristics. Their careful blending results in a balanced rosé with fruit flavors harmonizing with fresh acidity—a visual and taste portrait of high summer in the Hamptons. Buy a bottle at store.wolffer.com.