Divine Guidance From MaryAnn DiMarco

In the second part of Purist’s interview with the celebrated author and Long Island medium, topics range from spirit guides to the ego, fear, and how collective positive energies can create magic.
“Powerful collectiveness happens. We clear space for everything that we dream is possible,” says MaryAnn DiMarco. Photo: David Benthal

By Cristina Cuomo

Cristina Cuomo: I read and loved your book, Medium Mentor. When did the mission to guide people to their higher purposes awaken in you? 

MaryAnn DiMarco: It was a natural progression in my readings. When I first started out, even before I was doing readings, I had a really hard time for many years finding anybody who could teach me how to do this. I started hearing my guides direct me to teach people, wake them up, be the psychic’s psychic, be the mentor. I was hearing that request over and over again and I happily answered. It just felt natural to me to do it.

CC: It’s pretty incredible—you’re paving the way. You’re not just helping people with your gift by accessing spirits who want to communicate with the living and vice versa, but you’re teaching people to really be their best selves, while figuring out how they can help others. 

MD: Thank you. I hope it leads them to a state of authenticity with themselves, because this is part of all of us. The second part of that was wake them up, wake them up. That’s what led me to write Medium Mentor. What can I give to people who don’t have access to me? What wasn’t there for me that I can put out to the world? Spirits absolutely helped me find that. I’m thrilled to do this part of this work. I love it. It’s exciting.

CC: It’s accessible and authentic. You also made it safe. How do you guide people to that safe place?

MD: After years and years of doing this work, I’m so grateful that spirit gives me the words to serve, and I’m able to come up with guidance so that others can find a solution in their own fear. Because it’s really very personal why they’re feeling the way they do. It becomes a really cool, cathartic space that you’re working in along with your guides. They’re working through me, and together we cocreate solutions that help you find a way to more of a peaceful moment with these parts of yourself.

CC: So, if we’re all connected by these threads of light or at least we’re connected to our spirit guides and certain spirits within our immediate sphere, how do you explain this low vibration of spirit that’s happening right now in the world?

MD: Some parts I leave unknown, answers to where they’re coming from, the whys behind them. I prefer to focus on where my guides want me to go in the midst of all of this, whether it’s personal, whether it’s global. How can my soul work through this in a productive way? How can I give over to others? How can I lend a hand? How can I extend good light? What can we put in the world through conversations and energy that will help heal? My guides have shown me the ways we can go down rabbit holes, and it can actually be a distraction. But we must understand these heavier parts. We must get to work, because that’s the only way. When you see darker energy going on in the world, you have to acknowledge it in order to see the light, in order to come together collectively and help one another. Everything for me is about learning and using. It’s perception. How are you looking at it, what can I learn from it, and then how can I give it over to others? Everything I learn I teach. Everything I learn I give. That to me is the healthiest perspective that I can have to any type of understanding of what goes on in the world that I can’t quite wrap my brain around.

CC: Everything I learn I teach. Everything I learn I give. I can relate to that as a mom.

MD: Yes, as a mom, as a woman, as a wife, as a sister, as a daughter of the world and parents. I mean we’re just all kind of trying to chug along, aren’t we? And to me, spirituality in the way that I have it in my own life is a tool, not my answers. It’s a tool to get to those answers and that in itself I think brings great self-awareness. 

CC: You talk a lot in the book about the ego. It’s always getting in the way. How do we keep our ego in check?

MD: I had a friend say to me that the ego is in check, if we are aware that the ego needs to be in check. I really speak about the ego. I don’t ignore it. I acknowledge when the ego is showing up, and then I ask my guides to help me navigate an understanding of why it’s there. I express gratitude for learning the lesson that I need to learn, and I move forward—in spite of the ego—with authenticity.  

CC: And intuition? That intuitive voice, the spirit.

MD: It never lies. Every time I go against my intuition, that’s the ego getting in there. Even though my inner gut never lies, in hindsight I knew I shouldn’t have done that. My gut knew it. Some of my students have been with me for a while, and sometimes they think they’re not in touch with their intuition anymore because they’re just doing it instinctively. It becomes automatic, just like smelling and hearing and being and all the other senses. It’s just part of ourselves, and when you really fine-tune that tool, you sharpen that ability and it works instinctively.  

CC: What’s the difference between the mind, the spirit and the imagination?  

MD: Sometimes the mind wants to get in the way with low-vibration thoughts of ‘I can’t do this,’ thoughts of ‘Not me.’ Spirit works with your imagination to create manifestations, connections with your loved ones on the other side, visions within, your meditations. Imagination is one of the greatest ways to access your third eye. 

CC: This is from your book, under “The Power of Positivity.” I’m going to ask the questions back to you. What happens when a whole bunch of people awaken to the divine guidance available to them and truly feel supported? What is possible when we get out of the scarcity mindset, releasing comparison and really start cheering for others? 

MD: Magic happens. Powerful collectiveness happens. We clear space for everything that we dream is possible. We’re holding onto things like scarcity. We’re holding onto things like judgment. We are holding space for things that no longer serve us. When we release those false storylines, we open up a whole cleared area for everything that we want to welcome into our lives. I truly believe this. And to me, that is the most magical part of this work, for yourself and for others. You realize that if we just say yes and let go and surrender to things that no longer serve us, we have an understanding of why they were there in the first place, and can start to really open ourselves up to everything that could be magical in our space.

CC: And living your truth.

MD: I just got off a call with a student, and I was talking about how freeing it is to live in your most authentic truth, because not only does it feel good, but you then clear space for other people who honor that, who walk into your life and say, Oh, I see you and I’m really cool with that. I love that about you. But you have to be prepared for people walking out of your life as well, and that’s OK.

CC: You must be really healthy, MaryAnn.

MD: Sometimes I’m the teacher, but most of the time I’m the student. I’m still learning, just like everybody else. And I think the only difference that I learned, maybe really in the past 10 years, is the more that I lean into my own truth and I love that part of myself—good, bad or indifferent—the more I have welcomed really wonderful things into my life.

And if something isn’t wonderful, I’m prepared to sit and understand why. I never want to give the perception that because I’m on the spiritual side I’m floating on cloud nine and everything is great. I’m healthy because I found a level of contentment within myself that I know spirit has led me to and helped me discover. But I’m very aware that I’m here to learn lessons just like everybody else, and that some of those lessons are really hard. 

CC: Caroline Myss talks a lot about health being like this. You have to have spiritual hygiene, essentially, if you want to be healthy.

MD: You do.

CC: You have to live your truth, and if you’re out of alignment and you’re doing something that isn’t inherently your heart’s desire, you’re not aligned with your soul. Your body keeps the score, essentially.

MD: Your body is so telling. The physical self doesn’t lie. If it’s gotten to me physically, then I know I really must be dropping the ball. I hope that through this work, spirit can help remind people that it’s a huge, important part of yourself, and being authentic to that is a game changer.

CC: We’re so overprogrammed and we overprogram our kids. We don’t make space for ourselves or them to learn about quiet time, meditation, sitting still, and putting your phone down. 

MD: Meditation, peacefulness. A big one is it’s OK to be wrong. It’s OK to not be perfect all the time. It’s OK to have disappointments. Tomorrow is a new day.

CC: This is a question for me, personally, as I believe I sometimes feel like I’m experiencing someone else’s dream, like I’m in one of my kids’ dreams. Have you ever dream-shared? 

MD: Yes, I love that question. I never get asked that question, and I think it’s one of the most miraculous things, so I’m glad you asked me that. Yes, I’ve actually been dream-sharing ever since I was a kid with my mom.

CC: Oh, wow.

MD: Yeah, and I remember going to my mother and saying to her I had a dream that my grandmother—I didn’t say this part to my mom —but I had a dream my grandmother was there. I often dreamed of my maternal grandmother, and she was looking young in a chic black dress. She looked fantastic. I really noticed the black dress; it was so gorgeous. And the next day I woke up and it was so vivid. I said to my mom, “I had a dream about Grandma last night.” And she said, “In the black dress?” maryanndimarco.com