Artistic Synergy 

A new exhibition at Southampton Arts Center invites a shift in perspective. 

This summer, Southampton Arts Center invites you to explore the intriguing world of Couples Squared from July 27 to September 14. This unique exhibition delves into the dynamic interplay between partners in creativity, showcasing a diverse array of paintings, sculptures and photographs that span the spectrum of artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from algebra and Medieval alchemical magic, these artworks transform raw ideas and scribbles into compelling visual narratives that challenge perceptions and evoke deep emotional responses.

The term “couples squared” references a common algebraic equation, but the art on display goes beyond mathematics to embody the mysterious and unpredictable nature of collaborative creation. Reflecting the evolution from the 1940s and 1950s New York School era, when couples like Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler were pioneers of abstraction, today’s artists present a wider variety of themes and subjects. Featured artists include the distinguished Eric Fischl and April Gornik, Ross Bleckner and Eric Freeman, Bryan Hunt and Lucy Winton, as well as Ned Smyth and Rima Mardoyan. These partnerships contribute nonrepresentational works alongside portraits, figures, landscapes and seascapes, executed in a range of styles from vivid colors and lively patterns to subdued passages.

Visitors to the exhibition will experience the unpredictable outcomes of these artistic unions, much like the unpredictable results of life’s own equations. Couples Squared not only showcases the artists’ technical skills, but also their ability to convey profound messages that can, for the fortunate, become transformative personal experiences.

Join the Southampton Arts Center to witness how these creative partnerships have shaped a captivating collection that might just change the way you see the world.