Stretch Out This Season

Rejuvenate with at-home LYMBR sessions. 


To celebrate the start of summer in the Hamptons, unwind with personalized stretch sessions courtesy of LYMBR at Morphew Southampton. LYMBR, a beloved fixture in Hamptons wellness, transcends the ordinary by focusing on relaxation, performance enhancement, and recovery before and after activities like tennis, pickleball, golf, Pilates and sailing. This summer season promises more than just the expected, blending tailored technical wellness with curated sustainable luxury at Morphew.

LYMBR introduces its exclusive in-home stretch therapy sessions in the Hamptons running through September, building on its renowned Upper East Side, Greenwich and Darien, Connecticut, and Boston locations. Now, the brand brings its signature services directly to your door in the Hamptons, merging convenience with expert care.

Imagine indulging in a rejuvenating stretch session in the comfort of your own home, whether amid the tranquility indoors, by the poolside or even on the beach. LYMBR’’s experienced stretch therapists arrive fully equipped to transform your space into a sanctuary of relaxation. No need to worry about equipment—LYMBR brings both the expertise and the stretch table to you.

Forget the hassle of commuting between Southampton and Bridgehampton. With LYMBR, you can enjoy professional stretch therapy without leaving your home.

Every session is meticulously tailored to address your unique needs and objectives. Whether recovering from an intense workout, preparing for a game of golf or tennis, or simply seeking a moment of self-care, LYMBR ensures each session maximizes effectiveness.

LYMBR’s team of highly skilled therapists, including Jared Hudson and Danny Roche, brings years of experience working with Hamptons clients. Their backgrounds in fitness, coaching and personal training guarantee top-notch care. Their expertise in sports management and holistic wellness ensures each session is not only effective but also personalized to meet your specific needs. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to elevate your well-being this summer. Visit LYMBR’s Hamptons Sessions to schedule your in-home stretch therapy session and discover firsthand the transformative benefits. Come check out LYMBR’s services at Morphew Southampton on the below dates:

  • July 13 from noon-3PM
  • July 26 from 2-4PM
  • August 3 from 1-4PM
  • August 10 from 1-4PM;