Summer Sparkle + Strength: Aspen

Meet the Aspen stylists and trainers who will give you that solstice glow.
Aspen Wellness
Photo: istock by Getty Images

by Lisa Blake


Cherry-pick from a tailored wellness menu at this tranquil IV therapy lounge. Supervising physician Dr. John Hughes, D.O., and a team of nurses specialize in detoxification and immune system balancing. Jet lag, altitude sickness and overexertion melt away with the Signature Hydration Cocktail ($199). The house favorite combines a mixture of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin C in a half-liter IV bag solution. Raise the feel-good bar with the Silver Queen Cocktail ($329), infusing a healthy dose of collagen-boosting Vitamin C, anti-aging glutathione and additional fluid. Or seek mental clarity and improved mood and memory with a round of NAD (nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide) IV therapy. After-hours requests (call for pricing) and house calls ($300) are available. 525 E. Cooper Ave., #206, 970.456.9477,


The prolific stylists at this acclaimed Aspen beauty lounge service a high-level clientele, and have mastered the latest in elite hair care. This season, the French hair-coloring technique balayage ($225+) is on-trend. Stylists paint color on by hand, instead of using dated foil and cap highlighting methods. The freehand application achieves a more natural, modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues, inviting movement in the color. Pair balayage with Salon Tullio’s signature Kérastase Treatment ($40) to combat the dry mountain climate. A treatment, which lasts up to four weeks, delivers intense moisture, more shine, strength and density to hair and protects against the summer sun. Brides: This is your ticket to photo-perfect full hair. Stylists will come to you ($250/hour/ stylist). 525 E. Cooper Ave., #207, 970.925.7201,


Don’t sweat the details. Just sweat. From tennis to triathlon coaching, Pilates to mountain biking, this convenient call-in service lets you book one-on-one sessions with Aspen’s top certified personal trainers whenever and wherever you’d like. Feel a sudden urge for a private yoga or weight-lifting session? A pro can be there within 30 minutes. Browse trainer bios, select a workout focus and sort by price online. They’ll come straight to your home, office, hotel or an outdoor location.