Purist Hosts Solving Kids Cancer Summer Luncheon

Selects photos from Solving Kids Cancer Summer Luncheon

PURIST Hosts Solving Kids Cancer Summer Luncheon at Tutto il Giorno in Southampton, NY – August 6th, 2018


On Monday, August 6th, Purist invited guests to a summer luncheon benefitting Solving Kids’ Cancer, an NYC based nonprofit, at Gabby Karan De Felice’s restaurant Tutto il Giorno for over 90 guests. 

Andrea Greeven Douzet welcomed guests and thanked them for leaving the beach on such a beautiful day to support Solving Kids’ Cancer and its childhood cancer research programs. Shortly after lunch Gabby Karan De Felice and Bonnie Young said a few words about their support for Solving Kids’ Cancer over the past 11 years. They went on to introduce Lindy Gad who shared her family’s inspirational story about their daughter, Daniella’s, fight with stage four neuroblastoma when she was only 23 months old. An applause filled the room when Lindy said that Daniella is now a healthy 13-year-old young lady.

Co-founder, Catherine London, concluded the luncheon by introducing herself and explaining what makes Solving Kids’ Cancer different from other childhood cancer organizations. She expressed that the goals of Solving Kids’ Cancer are twofold — to get the most promising treatments to kids as quickly as possible, and to always prioritize the child and get them to the front of the line for new, breakthrough treatments, because every child deserves to grow up”.

Notable attendees included: Donna Karan, Gabby Karan De Felice, SKCco-founder Catherine London, Lindy Gad, Christine Mack, Kara Gerson, Jan Planit, Bonnie Young, Kelly Bensimon, Silke Tsitiridis, Frederick Anderson, Claudia Avendano, Alex Lennon, Yana Balan, Melissa Berger, Lydia Carlston, Liliana Cavendish, Vera & Tom Courtenay, Mimi Crawford, Stefania De Felice, Eva Dillon, & Ulrika Lanaro, 

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