PURIST + UNOde50 Luncheon & Beauty Day

Selects photos from the PURIST + UNOde50 Luncheon & Beauty Day

PURIST + UNOde50 Luncheon & Beauty Day with Uma Oils, Blushington and Voyage Hair Spa at the home of Debbie Bancroft in Southampton, NY – August 31st, 2018


Notable attendees included: Brooke Shields, Judith Giuliani, Candace Bushnell, Debbie Bancroft, Christine Schwarzman, Audrey Gruss, Tiffany Dubin, Christina Macaya, Caroline Dean, Nicole Miller, Kathy Hilton & Ann Barish.

Photo Credit: James Bayrami. Special thanks to Fleurs de Prairie, HINT, Pierre’s, UNOde50, Uma Oils, Blushington, Voyage Hair Spa & the Hamptons International Film Festival.

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