Pure Picks: Sunrise Coigney Ruffalo

The founder of Sunny’s Pop chooses long-lasting pieces for a more mindful, eco-conscious life.
“I’m a total fanatic of exquisite design that flawlessly blends functionality and bold appearance,” says Sunrise Coigney Ruffalo. “I’ve really cut back on keeping trinkets around (as much as I love them), and am focusing on things I will use for years to come, minimizing my imprint on the planet by choosing to reduce and reuse!” Photography: Natalie Chitwood
“Weather gets unpredictable in the Northeast, so I love pieces that work well for the changing seasons from cold to warm to cold again, sometimes all in one day.” Wrap Ari jacket in camel, $1,150, Zero + Maria Cornejo, zeromariacornejo.com
“My husband [Mark Ruffalo] and I both completely love this scent. It’s a really nice, neutral, woodsy smell with hints of smoked sandalwood, cedar and leather, and notes of cardamom, iris and violet.” Band of Outlaws Eau de Parfum, $125, West Third Brand, westthirdbrand.com
“I’m a Virgo, so keeping organized is heavenly to me. I use the nesting cases to keep loose family photos and treasures from over the years tucked in a special place that appears decluttered.” Set of 2 metal nesting cases, $108, sunnyspop.com
“My favorite nights are spent cuddled up watching a good movie. This soft throw is one of my essentials for completing the experience.” Wool and alpaca waffle-woven throw, $495, Brahms Mount, sunnyspop.com
“Living in NYC really makes me appreciate maximizing whatever space is available. Mary L Chan at Bartleby Objects conquered a bag that’s super-stylish, small, and fits everything I need.” Leather wristlet, $975, Bartleby Objects, sunnyspop.com
“The stones used to create this serene scene are to die for! The colors and appearance are so dreamy, it’s a must for the season.” Atmosphere ring in the Supernature collection, pricing available upon request, Solange, solange.co.uk
“I love the eccentric shapes and solid form of the Kreten tables. The clever design is reinforced with steel and uses a unique spandex mold to give its shape—they pair nicely in my home that blends modern design with antiques full of character.” Pair of Kreten side tables in jet black, $3,200, Souda, soudasouda.com