Lucky Stars: Aspen Astrology

Aspen’s premier astrologist offers a constellation of tools to guide clients through major decisions.
Photograph: Patrick Kindt

by Rosie Cutter

Whether embarking on a new relationship or launching a business, the difference between success and failure usually comes down to one thing: timing. The heavens have been referred to as the great clock in the sky, and astrology is the language of its movement. But for thousands of years, charts have been cast in the highest echelons of society, planning everything from the birth of royalty to flight times and signing of contracts.

One often overlooked, yet ancient and accurate, system of astrological divination uses playing cards, a traditional 52-card deck. Each day of the year corresponds to a card. Identifying the playing card associated with your birth date can unlock secrets of life potential. Like electricity running through a building, whether these influences are positive or negative depends upon how they are utilized. January 20, for example, the birthdate of film directors David Lynch and Frederico Fellini, is represented by the seven of diamonds, the card of spiritual values. Seven-of-diamonds individuals are very stubborn and unique; they are here to shine a light on values in society that are not leading to spiritual advancement, and in doing so, offer alternative and sometimes shocking perspectives. September 21 correlates with the three of clubs, the writer’s card, shared by Stephen King, Leonard Cohen and Bill Murray. The challenge of this alchemic life path is translating worry and indecision into creative expression.

Another well-known horoscope comes from Western astrology, which is focused on the sun sign, the constellation the sun was in at the time of birth. A Western astrology chart offers an in-depth analysis of childhood patterning, romantic proclivities, and life purpose.

Yet another tool is astrocartography, which generates a worldwide map showing favorable areas for relocation, business or pleasure. Astrolocation is derived from charting out the physical location of the bodies of the sky and laying grid-like lines across a map of the world. Certain locations are more favorable for commerce and the material world (i.e., Jupiter and sun lines) whereas some locations are better for introspection and healing (Chiron and moon lines).

A client of mine, a fashion designer, had just moved from LA to NY to take the next steps in her career. Immediately after the move, she began having conflicts with longtime business partners, developed several mysterious ailments, and had an overall feeling of restriction in every area of her life. We drew up the astrolocation chart and found Manhattan to be sitting right on a Mars/Pluto line. Mixing the god of war with the god of the underworld is ideal for physical or military action, but not for business and pleasure. Meanwhile, Miami was on a Venus line—very favorable to her. A Venus line brings success with beauty, the arts, anything to do with women, and just an overall feeling of support and contentment: perfect for a fashion designer. Immediately after her relocation, she flourished in her career and met her husband (Venus also brings love). Astrology is like a weather forecast. Free will abounds, but if you want to have a picnic and all your friends join you, it’s best to try to plan for a sunny day.

In my own life, as a musician who toured internationally, I received countless readings that helped shape my career and lead me toward greater success. Over time, out of deep reverence for the systems, I started sharing this information with clients one-on-one or in group situations (businesses, couples, families). Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of people all over the world. It is endlessly fascinating to see the accuracy of the charts.

As our world, with its information overload and modern-day stressors, changes at an ever-increasing speed, one can feel very disconnected and ungrounded. We long for more natural rhythms, a slower pace, for deeper meaning in a seemingly chaotic existence. By merely opening our eyes to the patterns in the world around us, we may find solutions right under our noses, or perhaps over our heads.