A Stroke of Genius

Technogym’s Skillrow provides elite level training, right at home.

Whether you’re longing to get out on the water or just back to the gym, Technogym has the ultimate precision rowing machine for you. The first of its kind, Skillrow is designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities. Technogym teamed up with Olympic athletes to create this sleek, powerful piece of equipment which has all of the benefits of authentic water rowing, from the comfort of solid ground. It even feels like you’re on the water: the machine’s resistance was designed to mimic the natural curve of the stroke in water. 

Skillrow features improved stability for intense workouts without the risk of the machine moving. It’s easy to use from start to finish: It uses a human-centric design approach, with all settings easily reachable from an ergonomic seated position—and it dismantles into two parts for quick storage.

Go at your own pace, or download the Skillrow app for custom workouts, training results and heart rate monitoring. Who’s ready to go with the row?

To purchase, contact Technogym New York: 646-578-8001. or visit technogym.com/us