Love In Action

Model and actress Carolyn Murphy speaks with author, composer, yogi and lecturer Dr. Joseph Michael Levry about accessing spirituality in these challenging times.
Dr. Levry is the founder of Global Gatherings for Peace and Healing.

Carolyn Murphy: I’ve worked with you for a couple of years, and I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to you by a dear mutual friend. You are the author of The Divine Doctor: Healing Beyond Medicine, one of many books, as well as a musician and composer. Can you share a little bit more about yourself?

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry: I was born into a spiritual family. At a young age, all I wanted to do was to be able to touch as many lives as I could, the same way my life has been touched. I realized that it doesn’t matter who we are and where we come from, or what we look like. What matters is what difference we can make in other peoples’ lives. Ultimately, the best way to express our spirituality is to serve others, to reach out to someone, to feed someone who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.

CM: You talk a lot about spiritual logic; there are so many different ways for people to access spirituality. What I love about what you are saying is that yes, there is all of that, but it really is truly about serving.

DL: Nothing is as powerful as love. The creator is the manifestation of love. So, love is the manifestation of the spirit of the creator. When we love, we manifest the divine in us. Serving is an extension of love because love gives, service gives. There is no love without sacrifice.

It is true that we have to do something about the state of the world. We have to make it better. To make our world better, we have to embrace the reality of love; we have to change ourselves, by changing our thoughts, our feelings, changing the way we speak, changing our attitude. The hardest part is facing ourselves. You have to go through a breakdown before you get to a breakthrough. The easier path is to focus on someone else. When you serve others, you are actually serving yourself. When serving others, you embrace the reality of love.

There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who don’t know what happened. We have to make things happen in the time of this global pandemic, a major challenge for the Earth. Faced with such a challenge, all that is left to fall upon us is the highest vibration, and that is love. As human beings, we thrive on love. Love is the purest essence of truth, and truth is the highest image of love. The human spirit is so powerful, it is so important for us to realize. We have to remember that we are spiritual substance, and as spiritual substance, we truly cannot be limited.

CM: A lot of us are isolated right now. Some people really are alone. What advice can you give those people to feel more empowered?

DL: Yes. Simple meditation. All they have to do is rub their hands vigorously and place their hands on their middle of the chest. Your left hand corresponds to love, your right hand corresponds to wisdom; you’re bringing it where your truth is.

CM: To your heart.

DL: Yeah, to your heart. You want to use the breath and shift a little bit of the chemistry of the blood, so you will take, very quickly, full breaths, in and out of the mouth four times. After a minute of this practice, stay there and then just simply listen for “I am, I am.” “I am” is so powerful. When you say “I am, I am,” you’re dialing the full love of the creator. Every time you direct your feelings spiritually, the creator moves.

Carolyn Murphy, student of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

CM: You have worked with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and other hospitals as a healer with vibration and sound. Tell us about that?

DL: Music is the language of love. Music is the frontier. It’s a transformer of energy. It is amazing, the things that can be done with music.

CM: Why do you think that connection is so important right now?

DL: Connection is key. People have to connect. Connection is an extension of love, whether we are connecting inside, internally, or saying to someone we know, how much we love them. The time has come for us to move away from everything that divides us. This is a time for us to expand our sense of identity because as humans, we have a tendency to help people we identify with. Our environment is an extension of us. If we make our environment happy, we will be happy and healthy. Once you extend love and kindness to a person, you stretch their existence. And you raise the “feel-good” hormone. Love and kindness will heal you. A world of love. Can you imagine that? Incredible.,