Beachy Keen

SUNFLOW is on a mission to provide ultimate seaside relaxation.

Finding a safe, tranquil spot to disconnect from everyday stressors is an essential method of self-care. Many find refuge within the multisensory experience of the beach: in the sound of crashing waves, the sight of boats sailing on the horizon, the scent of a salty ocean breeze, or the sensation of sand beneath your feet. Immersing oneself fully in these sensory experiences has a multitude of health benefits, and is part of a beneficial mental health technique called grounding. “Grounding means to bring your focus to what is happening to you physically, either in your body or in your surroundings, instead of being trapped by the thoughts in your mind that are causing you to feel anxious,” says Dr. Sarah Allen, a Chicago-based psychologist. By simply taking notice of the beauty around us, whether it be at the beach or elsewhere, we can silence our inner chatter and lower our stress levels.

The picturesque beach experience can often be disrupted by hauling cumbersome equipment to and from the shore. Fashion design veterans and hard-core beach bums Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner knew there must be a better way. Thus, SUNFLOW was born. The brand’s signature Sunrise Beach Chair combines function and fashion for the most lightweight, customizable and sustainably designed seat by the beach. Crafted with rust- and water-resistant aluminum, the Sunrise Beach Chair features removable backpack straps for easy transport and four adjustable positions for optimal comfort while catching some rays. Choose from the collection of summery hues and prints, like deep sea blue, kelp green and sunshine orange stripe, for a perfect complement to any chic beach ensemble. Pair your chair with SUNFLOW’s line of innovative beach accessories, including towels, overhead shade attachments crafted with UPF 50+ fabric, adjustable drink holders and waterproof pouches to protect valuables.

Shop online for free FedEx ground shipping, or visit SUNFLOW’s outpost, located at 55 Main Street Cove in East Hampton.