Fit For Life: Adam Rosante

The Liberator
Rosante offers virtual training and one-to-one sessions at Wild Strength Club in Napeague. Photo: Kate Rosante


Fitness philosophy: Even if you’re a performer or an athlete who’s prepping for a role or a season, the work we do to strengthen and mobilize your body should help you live your life to its fullest. The aesthetics, while nice, are just a byproduct. While it makes me so happy to see my clients hitting their aesthetic goals or doing something like pull-ups for the first time, my greatest joy comes from hearing how they’re waking up every day with more energy and stamina. When you see how strong you can feel, it creates a mental shift that opens up a whole new world to you. Fitness creates freedom in every area of your life.

Morning ritual: It starts the night before, with great sleep. That’s the bedrock of health and optimal performance. After that, I wake up, drink a glass of water, meditate, then go for a walk outside. No phone, no music, no podcasts. Just a quiet walk in the wild. When I get home, I have a coffee from Cashin Coffee Roasters—they’ve got a roasting shop in Montauk, and also sell it at Amber Waves.


Virtual offerings this summer: I just opened Wild Strength Club in Napeague. It’s a private gym where I see clients one-on-one or in very small family units. I also offer private training remotely. It’s something I’ve been doing with clients for years—long before COVID-19. It’s different than most digital fitness programs in that it’s tailored to each individual client, and not a cookie-cutter workout.; @adamrosante on Instagram