Fit For Life: Jen Lobo Plamondon

Heat Seeker
The key to a successful practice, says Plamondon, is consistency. Photo courtesy of bode nyc

Fitness philosophy: At bode nyc, we believe in the benefits of a consistent hot yoga practice combined with yin yoga, vinyasa, HIIT and meditation, and in the importance of returning to the mat day after day. That’s where real change begins.

Most important training adaptions made during lockdown: We made the decision early on to offer a robust schedule of live-streaming classes, up to six per day, to make practicing more accessible for working and nonworking schedules alike. Many of our clients have become more committed and stronger than ever before.

Best fitness hack for people working out at home: Humidifiers, sweat balms, space heaters and even sauna suits were popular add-ons in our Zoom classes. Now that the weather is warm, those aren’t needed!

Words to live by: Self-care is where the good life begins. It only takes a few weeks to begin to feel radiant health, which will seep into every part of your life.

Recipe for success: Kindness, focus and determination.

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