In Good Hands

Diligent hand-washing is a powerful defense against infectious disease. These Purist-approved sanitizers also help care for the skin while keeping germs at bay, whether on the go or at home.
Love Dirty’s chic Glamshell hand sanitizer is proudly cruelty free. Photography courtesy of Love Dirty and @catnipandcarrots

By Gabrielle Echevarrieta

Love Dirty’s Glamshell

Packaged in a sleek spherical container, Love Dirty’s Glamshell hand sanitizer’s refillable design is an eco-forward approach to the common disposable dispenser. (Not that there’s anything common about this chic vessel—it looks like Tom Ford went into the hand-sanitizer business.) Soothing moisturizers and humectants infused with sugar beet, avocado oil and chicory root nourish hands, while strong antibacterial properties eliminate 99.99 percent of germs. Love Dirty uses a skin care-centric approach to its hand-sanitizing formula, adding antioxidants to repel free radicals and prebiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome, optimizing your body’s natural defense system. $13,

Vitality No. 7

Jiva Apoha’s Vitality No. 7

Jiva Apoha’s Vitality No. 7 is formulated to eliminate microbes without dehydrating the skin. Following CDC guidelines for COVID-19 production, Vitality No. 7 hand sanitizer is comprised of pure grain alcohol, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water and an invigorating medley of fennel, clove, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and oregano pure essential oils. This sanitizer’s lightweight amber bottle with an easy one-hand dispenser makes for a perfect to-go item: Pop it in your purse or car console for quick cleansing while traveling, or after a grocery run. $23,

Potion 54 By Jill Martin

Jill Martin’s Potion 54

Ditch your harsh alcohol-scented sanitizer for Jill Martin’s Potion 54, containing the fragrance profile found in Martin’s perfume of the same name. After applying, hints of vanilla, wood, bergamot and water lily linger on the skin. Safety was top priority when choosing the ingredient list, and it contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol, 10 percent more than the CDC’s guideline for hand hygiene. $24, for two bottles, available on

The Sanitizing Spray Bottle by o3WaterWorks

Home Sanitizer: o3WaterWorks

The Sanitizing Spray Bottle takes regular tap water and with a jolt of electricity turns it into its own sanitizing solution, aqueous ozone (O3, which is ozone dissolved in water). The natural disinfectant eliminates 99.9 percent of harmful pathogens within 30 seconds. Safe to use on hard, nonporous household surfaces, kids’ or pets’ toys and in high-traffic areas—including stainless steel kitchen and bathroom appliances—aqueous ozone also works as a deodorizing agent. The device has an LED light that indicates when the bottle needs to be charged. $199,