Vock & Vintage: Everlasting Beauty

Vock & Vintage’s fleet of precious jewels fuses innovative design, classic luxury and Earth’s natural treasures.
Art Deco era emerald cut diamond ring in a French platinum and diamond baguette ring, 11 carats.

A well-crafted piece of jewelry can encapsulate major life achievements, precious moments or memories of a loved one. Whether it be an engagement ring passed down through generations, a pair of vintage earrings, or a pendant worn since childhood, jewelry can be a symbol of tradition, legacy or an expression of one’s unique aesthetic. Many gemstones hold spiritual significance that can conjure positive visualization, like amethyst’s grounding effects, and the courageous and passionate energy coursing through a ruby. Those in search of new and exciting jewels, quintessential pieces from decades past, or a revamp of an existing accessory will find the perfect solution with the world-renowned Vock & Vintage. 

Providing private consultations both virtually and in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut, Vock & Vintage works with both private collectors and industry professionals to buy, sell or redesign high-end collectible jewelry. Vock & Vintage is active in gem markets across the globe, giving the brand exclusive access to the world’s most refined stones, which serve as the centerpiece for designer Donna Vock’s striking creations. Since 1993, Vock has utilized diamonds, natural and cultured pearls, Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and Ceylon sapphires to develop unique silhouettes that showcase a spectrum of color and cuts. Featuring luxury brands such as VCA, Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and more, Vock & Vintage offers a selection of vintage and contemporary designer products in addition to original works. For those in search of a gift that embodies a loved one’s distinct style, the brand’s lineup features delicate shapes, including the 18K gold Cartier Juste en Clou bracelet, and avant-garde accessories, like the head-turning Van Cleef & Arpels Three Wise Monkeys brooch. From the breathtaking circa-1900 Marcus & Co. rubellite, pearl and diamond pendant, to the romantic art deco-style round sapphire diamond ring, the ethos of iconic fashion movements are preserved, waiting to be revitalized by the modern woman.