ROOT: New Year, New Supplements

Enter 2021 the right way with detoxifying wellness aids from ROOT.

For many, 2021 couldn’t come any sooner. This new year brings a special opportunity to create new healthy habits, think positively, be more productive and with the rollout of the new COVID-19 vaccine, hopefully return to some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy. Many New Year’s resolutions tend to fizzle out by February, often due to the ways they are conceptualized. Goals that are too vague, like,“I’m going to lose weight next year,” or overly ambitious visions, such as, “I’m going to quit caffeine, nicotine and sugar all at once,” are a perfect setup for failure. However, this narrative is avoidable. Change can be achieved through realistic expectations and self-acceptance, and a solid foundation of physical and mental health. 

ROOT aims to provide the tools needed to optimize the body and mind. By neutralizing environmental pollutants, flushing out toxins, and promoting mental calmness and clarity, ROOT’s products tackle the most common barriers to success. In a new approach to wellness, ROOT’s products help support the body’s natural mechanisms rather than introducing synthetic health aids. Instead, this extra boost can kick-start metabolic rejuvenation, cleanse cells, calm inflammation and neutralize blockages in digestive binding sites, allowing for more efficient nutrient absorption. The brand is founded on these core values: Integrity Authenticity, Simplicity and Education. ROOT believes that all humans are created equal, and each person’s unique potential can be unblocked by removing the causes of disease, rather than treating symptoms. 

Whether your ultimate 2021 includes a new fitness regimen, professional endeavor, creative project or educational opportunity, cognitive health must be top priority. ROOT’s Zero-In, a daily energy-boosting capsule, is designed to fight and eliminate brain fog and promote razor-sharp focus and attention span. Made with turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seed and vitamin D, Zero-In is a natural alternative to synthetic stimulants and energy beverages. This organic, non-GMO formula helps to improve the delivery of oxygen to brain cells and increases dopamine levels for up to 14 hours, supplying the brain with “feel-good” hormones and supporting long-term neurological health. For those interested in a post-holiday dietary purge, turn to Clean Slate, ROOT’s detoxifying zeolite blend. Clean Slate works to give the body a “factory reset” using nanofragments that act as toxin scavengers, helping to eliminate impurities throughout the body, including brain tissue. 

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