Sakara: Fire Up

Light your digestive fire with Sakara’s Metabolism Super Powder.

The human body is a constantly evolving mechanism, adjusting according to both environmental and genetically predetermined factors. Aging brings inevitable limitations: running a mile may seem more insurmountable with each passing year, a hangover might pack twice the punch at age 50 than at 21, and that piece of chocolate cake may take twice the amount of exercise and calorie-cutting to work off. Metabolism, or the rate in which bodies convert calories to energy, slows down exponentially with the passage of time. Studies show that the average adult’s metabolic process decreases 10 percent each decade after age 20. 

A slowing metabolism can manifest in a myriad of ways, including puffiness of the midsection, stubborn weight gain, increased levels of anxiety, low energy and brain fog. While it’s impossible to turn back time, Sakara has created an all-natural solution for metabolic dysfunction. The Metabolism Super Powder, an all-natural cacao powder that can be mixed with coffee, blended into a morning smoothie, or mixed with nut milk for a toasty winter hot cocoa. When enjoyed once a day for a minimum of two weeks, this blend of herbs, antioxidants and amino acids can give the body a healthy kick start. 

The Metabolism Super Powder is loaded with powerful plant-based ingredients, including horsetail extract for gentle diuretic properties, black pepper piperine to stimulate the digestive process and calm inflammation, and gymnema sylvestre, an Ayurvedic herb that can help regulate blood sugar and cortisol. A perfect addition to any regimen, the Metabolism Super Powder can offset the uncontrollable factors that contribute to slow digestion, such as age, body composition and gender. This indulgent chocolate blend stimulates the energy needed for daily workouts, promotes mental clarity for increased productivity, eliminates stubborn bloat and curbs cravings. Explore Sakara Life’s creative recipes infused with Metabolism Super Powder, including a powerful maca-mocha coffee blend, and a hearty, vitamin-packed cacao-chia pudding

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