Guided by Biet

Meditation teacher Biet Simkin answers Purist readers’ soul-searching questions.
Bringing natural beauty into everyday life boosts well-being. Photo by
Karina Vorozheeva

Dear Biet- If I were a fly on the wall and I guess in your mind, LOL—what would your daily meditation practice look like? Orly, Brooklyn

Dear Orly, While I do things slightly differently on varied days, my meditation practice is nonnegotiable. Also, while I see all things as meditation, it is vital to have a sitting-and-silence practice. Here is what I can say: For 30 minutes a day I sit in sitting meditation; for 45 to 90 minutes a day I am in movement meditation; and for 30 seconds a day I am in grief meditation. Yes, I light candles. Yes, I light incense, but don’t get me wrong: I can meditate in a shed if I need to. The inner world is always there for us when we turn to it! Hope this helps! Love, Biet

Dear Biet- Would you have any advice for someone who lives on their own and struggles with loneliness—especially in the evenings? I often reach for too much food, while I am balanced during the day. Dana, London

Dear Dana, Yes! Having evening struggles with food was a long-time problem for me. It means that you are probably exhausted and probably dissatisfied with your day on some level. I found that when I felt that way it was because I was frustrated and I wanted “a treat” and felt I deserved it! My recommendation is to move your body and sweat once a day, do grounding and anger meditation, and incorporate time for stillness and beauty. Start there and see where that takes you. Love, Biet

Dear Biet- How do you maintain your high vibe inside—no matter what happens on the outside? Gabriela, Switzerland

Dear Gabriela, I have a clear understanding that my destiny is not only written but is clear to me. So while things may go my way—or not go my way—day to day, I have no doubt it’s all working in my favor. I also always remember that my soul is untouched by the ongoing drama of life. My soul is not affected! My soul is perfect, always. Love, Biet

Dear Biet- How can I manage my time when I feel overwhelmed with tasks? I’m asking in the sense that I have so much free time at the moment with the pandemic and I’m feeling stressed about when in-person activities resume. Isabelle, LA

Dear Isabelle, Feeling overwhelmed is a choice. That’s all I know. So is worry. It’s so vital that you remember that being overwhelmed is a nervous system condition. It isn’t something that you need to be in. For me, I had to recognize that I had an addiction to that frenzied feeling. Once I realized I had this addiction to it, I could kick it. The other news is that things haven’t resumed yet, so there is no need to worry about what will happen! Just be here now and try and relax more and more and more. The magic of relaxing is everything! Love, Biet

Dear Biet- How do you keep anxiety at bay every day? Amanda, Oregon

Dear Amanda, I don’t. I let anxiety come. I go toward my anxiety and sit with it like an animal on a farm. Just sit and watch and listen and ask it what it’s here to teach me. I find my anxiety quite abundant in all it has to offer me. I never run away from it anymore. Love, Biet