Lea Sisson Architects: The Future Is Now

Aspen architect Lea Sisson enthuses about the imminent arrival of autonomous buildings.
Coming soon: cities and rural towns thriving off the grid. Courtesy of Lea Sisson Architects

We are entering an exciting new age of design. Each year we continue to build better and more efficient buildings; We’ve gone from LEED certifications, focused on building systems, to WELL, which incorporates the well-being of the inhabitants, and NET Zero+, which sends energy to the grid rather than relying on it. And now, into the next generation of fully autonomous buildings.

But first, let’s take a step back and see what has laid the groundwork for this new concept of dwelling. Although today, we feel we are being swooped up by the internet giants every time we check in with social media, the internet initially was the most significant decentralization of communication, of anything really, in history. It changed the way we look at our world, our peers, our interactions. We can see more recent examples of decentralization in transportation (Uber, Byrd); the resort industry (Airbnb); data (Blockchain); and the rise of electric vehicles freeing up our reliance on one industry. And while it’s an interesting and sometimes lucrative business model, there is something more captivating, more visceral at its core—it’s really about the peer-to-peer exchange, supporting those around you who support you, too. And, of course, the directness and ease of this exchange. Now imagine the decentralization of water, food, air…space?

Image courtesy of Lea Sisson Architects

Enter the autonomous dwelling. It doesn’t need centralized city water, power or sewage. It can balance its own temperature, humidity, air quality; it can grow your food.

Place it in your backyard, your vacant lot—who knows, maybe even Mars? It shows us how we don’t need the grid to survive, even to thrive.

Image courtesy of Lea Sisson Architects

We can take it a step further and use the technology to finally take what we have off the grid—whole cities. It can empower the most rural places with the ability to provide their own resources for their communities in need.

Dreaming of that middle-of-nowhere place after a year of lockdowns in the city? Ready to upgrade your life and the planet’s? It’s here. It’s going to be an exciting time.  leasissonarchitects.com