Guided By Biet

Meditation guru Biet Simkin answers Purist readers’ questions.
Movement and mindfulness are two keys to self-worth. Photography courtesy of Pixabay

Dear Biet,

I have taken some serious breaks from alcohol during the pandemic, which felt both necessary and remarkably easy. Now that things are opening back up, I suspect that the more time I spend with others, the more I’ll have an urge to drink again and fall back into predictable social patterns. How do I tap into my resolve and navigate this new normal without trying to numb pain, awkwardness and anxiety?

Jess, Nantucket



Not all of us have the resolve to quit drinking alone. For some, it really takes 12-step recovery. With that said, the drinking issue needs to be supplanted by a spiritual solution. I do not mean thinking pretty thoughts and reciting affirmations here and there. Spirituality offers a completely different way of coming at life. It’s upside-down from what most do. As someone who travels the world, goes to fancy dinner parties, does events on major stages and has all kinds of high-stakes interactions, I can tell you: You don’t need a drink; you just need a real and personal connection with a divinity of your own understanding and mythology. You got this!

Love, Biet


Dear Biet,

How can I stay in the state of worthiness? I keep falling into negative states, affected by the actions of people around me. How do I let those negative thoughts go, so I only feel my worthiness and peace?

Rebecca, Chichester, U.K.


Dear Rebecca,

Remember first: You are not your mind. Move the thoughts into your body and try and dance them around. I find that ideas can often be so limited, so negative and so repetitive! If you want to live a surprising life you will need to add movement and laughter into your daily regimen!

Love, Biet


Dear Biet,

I feel never-ending stress about my body and weight, and this always leads to overeating. What can I do?

Margaritte, Maine



It is no surprise it leads to overeating. I hear you! I have been studying intuitive eating now for about three years and I can tell you one of the first things that has to go is self-judgment and judgment of others. It’s one thing to have a clear intuition about what your body will look like if you love her; it’s another to project model standards to a body that is unique and not 12 years old. Learning to love ourselves is a strange and amazing journey, but I can say some keys are: Move! Like your life depends on it! Touch! Your body and love yourself! Journal! Your feelings need to come out! Do anger meditation! (I’ll have some available soon.) Lastly, tune in to how averse you are to feeling all your feelings and see how you are covering your feelings with food. Choose, and remember: We can only choose once we have awareness.

Love, Biet