Clean Machine

Relinquish COVID-19 related fears with professional cleansing solutions from David Allen Certified™.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described by mental health professionals as a collective trauma experienced by the world, leaving many fearful and hypervigilant when it comes to infectious disease. This trepidation can hinder the return to “normalcy,” with people afraid to return to office life, travel to new places or gather in groups. Fortunately, there are ways to ease pandemic anxiety through one of the lifelines that saved so many: cleanliness. 

For those ready to forge a new future in a post-pandemic world with peace of mind, diligent disinfection from trained professionals can be crucial. With over 30 years of experience in both private and commercial disinfection solutions, David Allen Certified™ helps to safeguard clients from common pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold and protozoa. By promoting comprehensive education around COVID-19 and past public health emergencies like H1N1, David Allen shifts focus from a reactive to proactive approach. To safeguard environments people live, play and work in, Allen uses a two-step method to disinfect and protect homes, offices, restaurants, fitness centers, vehicles and more in the Hamptons and greater New York City area. 

With humble roots in an automobile-detailing company at 15 years old, Allen honed his skills in aviation disinfection. The business expanded from there and is now the gold standard in the field of professional detailing, defining best and new practices and exceeding the requirements and expectations of clientele. David Allen’s coast-to-coast urgent response team is on call at all times, providing service within eight to 24 hours in health emergencies. “Thanks to David Allen Certified, our business was able to safely reengage in office operations,” says client Sean Lee, owner of The Digital Intellect. “The expertise and professionalism of his entire team made our employees feel comfortable in returning to normal work practices.”  

Complimentary consultations are available by contacting or 833-4DACERT (833.432.2378).