One Woman’s Perspective on Pleasure

Taking control of pleasure and finding bodily autonomy, according to the founder of PleazeMe.

By Heather C Montgomery

“Happily Ever After” Syndrome

Women, how much room do you make in your life for pleasure? Many of us grew up watching fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. In these tales, the heroine’s ultimate pleasure is when the handsome prince comes to rescue her from a painful and joyless existence…and then they live happily ever after. Why does she now live happily ever after? Well, because her handsome prince loves her and she loves him, right? Oh and of course, it must have something to do with the fact he will “likely” treat her like a princess and shower her with all the pleasure and things money can buy. After all, he is the richest in the land!

When we get out in the real world we quickly find out that relationships are a balance and a compromise if they are to have any chance of success. The pleasure is also in the journey, not just the destination wedding. It goes without saying that not every girl can marry the ruler of their Quingdom (Queendom/Kingdom). Most of us still have to work and keep a home for ourselves or our family.

Where Is the Manual?

Aside from these childhood fairy tales, we are told to go to school, exercise and eat right, get a job, get married, raise a family, and grow old gracefully. Well, I had many questions that these fairy tales never shed light on, questions society told me I should ask, like: How do I be a good wife? How do I be a good friend? How do I be a great lover? How do I be a great mother? Yet most of my education lacked any real substance in these areas of relationships with myself and others.

In hindsight I should have asked: How do I live my best life so I can do these things with pleasure?

There are so many questions and no manual that comes with us at birth. We search for the mythical prince of our story, looking for external saviors to our own lack of knowledge of personal pleasure—when in fact, pleasure is available at any time. The more pleasure we allow ourselves, the more we have to share with others. I created PleazeMe because I did want more personal pleasure, love, self-love, bliss, joy and yes, great sex and more orgasms. I wanted to go after the “real” life of my dreams. For me that meant utilizing my knowledge and abilities to raise my frequency to one of LOVE for all beings on the planet. For this I needed blissful experiences and meditation, and above all to escape the shame and judgement around sex and relationships that I had allowed to stifle my pleasure and confidence for 43 years.

Your Portal to Personal Pleasure

I felt there needed to be a place for women and men to find the answers that we seek! I wanted to learn from experts on sex and orgasms, relationships and intimacy. I was tired of the monotony and painful cycles I kept repeating in search of love. Was it possible to achieve my dream of experiencing and creating more pleasure? I am thrilled to report that yes it was, and is!

PleazeMe is a portal to personal pleasure, a private guide on your journey of self-discovery and pleasure exploration. It is unique for each of us. For some it is simply less pain, some more confidence, others sexy role play. Simply sharing our fears and fantasies to create deeper intimacy or healing traumas, or learning how to experience the over 100 different types of orgasms. Yes, there are over 100. Essentially, it is the doorway to freedom and it is at your fingertips. Pleazeme gives one anonymous access to thought leaders, edutainers, innovators, artists, writers, sexy attire, hot events and the sexiest travel destinations in the world.

Permission to Sexplore

Many of us wait our whole lives for permission to have pleasure. I got tired of waiting for permission so I gave it to myself. I built a way for each of us to give ourselves permission to expand and explore our own brand of personal pleasure tailored to our own preferences and desires. There is Voyeur mode and Connection mode so it is entirely up to you when and if you want to simply access all the resources or also connect with like-minded avatars in your affinity world to have deeper, more meaningful discussions about the joy and pain, sunshine and rain in life. We are not alone, but we do deserve anonymity as we discuss these private and personal experiences. The liberation that is available is incredible and the unity it creates between us is exactly what the world needs. So join us in our common denominator, the quest for love and pleasure and together we will raise our personal bliss and increase the world’s happiness quotient, starting with our own.