Herbal Sleep Magic

Acupuncturist Kevin Menard is healing the East End and beyond.

Renowned acupuncturist Kevin Menard, LAc, has been helping the East End heal from chronic pain and internal conditions over a decade, regularly implementing functional herbs in his practice. Now, for six years Menard has been harnessing the powers of cannabinoids—referred to in Chinese texts as máfen—to soothe pain and support relaxation. Combining high-quality hemp with Chinese herbs and other healing botanicals, Dragon Hemp’s line of proprietary formulas enhance performance, support recovery, improve sleep and help restore overall well-being.

Dragon Hemp’s collection is engineered to regulate the body’s energy through four channels: mental clarity, sleep support, chronic pain relief and inner calm. 

Kick insomnia and restless sleep to the curb with Dragon Hemp’s Sleep Tincture—a calming blend of schisandra fruit and jujube seeds calm the mind and promote blood circulation, while full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, CBN and THC promote uninterrupted rest. This proprietary elixir—which is based on the classic formula, Suan Zao Ren Tang—is used to address sleep issues, such as night sweats and difficulty falling back asleep, in menopausal women. “By addressing the root causes of discomfort and focusing on the body’s natural balance, this blend provides a supportive, natural solution for those navigating the complexities of menopause,” shares Menard.

The brand’s Sleep Gummies, with CBD isolate and sedative CBN, will further ease you into a state of deep relaxation and restorative sleep. dragonhemp.com