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A selection of the most buzzy baby gear at your fingertips, from Loop.

Even after nine months of careful preparation, research, education and planning, parenting can feel overwhelming, stressful or even scary. An infinite supply of conflicting opinions about the best products for your child can leave parents’ heads spinning, paralyzed by the boundless collection of everything from bassinets to bottles. The sheer amount of choices can lead to frivolous spending, with unused supplies, gadgets and toys taking up precious space in your home. 

Instead of a frantic shopping spree, consider Loop: a convenient, sustainable, affordable and clutter-free way to get unrivaled rental access to top-rated toys and baby gear. Loop’s mission is to create a sharing economy that helps simplify parenting, build community and reduce the impact of consumerism on the planet. Designed to save new parents time, stress, space and money, Loop delivers high-quality, preassembled, inspected and cleaned items to your door, with the option to swap items if necessary. Loop gives parents the flexibility to try different products and find what’s best for their family, providing first-time parents with “second-child” confidence that comes from lived experiences. 

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Doona Liki S3 Convertible Stroller Trike

To avoid the clutter that baby gear and toys create, or outfit a second home without buying two of everything, Loop has the essentials covered. Begin your Loop journey by browsing through the site’s curated selection of premium equipment for babies aged newborn to 5 years, including sleep accessories and carriers, strollers, high chairs, activity sets and toys. Then choose from a monthly or annual plan, and schedule your delivery based on when you’ll need the gear. Expectant parents with sustainability in mind can reduce excess waste by adding Loop products to their baby registry, and send back the items when their little one has grown out of the supplies.