Skin Tight

Get summer-season ready at JECT.
JECT’s Skin Tightening treatment uses heat to boost collagen. Photo: Adobe Stock

By Ray Rogers

It’s not all about injectables at JECT. For those who prefer a noninvasive glow up, or just between-Botox maintenance, meet the TempSure Envi radiofrequency machine from Cynosure, employed during JECT’s Skin Tightening treatment.

“It’s like a hot stone massage for the face,” says aesthetician Georgia Slayton as she applies the machine’s wand in circular motions around the eye sockets. She’s not wrong: The smooth surfaces of the wand, and the heat emanating from it, feel comforting and relaxing. But it does more than soothe—it promotes collagen production and helps improve skin elasticity. That’s what we call a win-win. “As I move along the area, it creates that arch to the brow. It will make you look well rested. When we do the forehead after, it’s going to lift the area, giving you a really ‘awake’ look,” promises Slayton.

The treatment, which takes roughly seven minutes per area, is also effective under the chin, and on the cheeks and jowls, particularly for those who do not want filler, smoothing out laugh lines and leaving you contoured. She likens the process to summer grilling. “It’s like you’re cooking a steak—or tofu, for our plant-based clients—so as you heat up the skin, it gets a little bit tighter, a little bit firmer, just like when cooking a steak. When we heat up that tissue, you get a nice boost of collagen, which gives you a little lift, a little smoothness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.”

You’ll immediately notice improved definition of facial features and tighter, firmer skin. The effects, says JECT founder and CEO Gabby Garritano, will only become more noticeable as the weeks go on. And best of all, there is zero downtime, so you can head right out into a day in the Hamptons sun (with SPF on, of course) or directly off to a summer soirée. Go turn some heads. 2414 Main St., Bridgehampton;