Head-to-Toe Tone-Ups

Sit back and let the experts in fitness and beauty do the work for you.
A new wave of noninvasive procedures will have you in great shape. Photo: Adobe Stock


By Ray Rogers

At FaceGym’s pop-up location at The Barn in Bridgehampton, SoulCyclers often hop in for an after-ride workout for their face. After all that pounding on the pedals, it must come as a relief to let someone else do the heavy lifting. Guests recline in salon chairs as the talented hands of FaceGym facialists (for added good vibes, request fan favorite JacQueen Paul) perform their magic, applying toners, serums and creams—like the two-in-one exfoliating toner, Skin Changer, and Supreme Restructure moisturizer—as they manipulate the facial muscles for a toned and sculpted natural lift. An arctic cryo add-on adds extra oomph and feels utterly refreshing in the summer heat. There’s also an Active Blast Collagen Bootcamp routine, powered by vegan collagen from fermented yeast, for those who really want to go the distance. 264 Butter Lane, Bridgehampton; facegym.com

In Southampton, Dr. Kenneth Mark has the only EMSculpt Neo, the latest incarnation of the muscle-building machine, in all of Suffolk County. This version adds radiofrequency, which burns fat, and ups the power on electromagnetic stimulation to create even more muscle. “It’s a complete game changer,” says Dr. Mark, praising its trifecta of fat-melting, muscle-building and skin-tightening. “It’s been scientifically studied that you can increase muscle mass by 25 percent, and decrease fat by 30 percent, after four sessions spaced a week apart.”

Perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help losing that additional inch around the waist, and longing for six-pack abs. Goodbye saddlebags, hello firm buttocks, muscular thighs, sculpted calves, or bigger biceps, depending on your goals. Stay tuned for love handle-combating extensions coming later this fall. “It’s like a medical gym—after just 30 minutes you feel like you got a good workout, and it helps with your core and posture,” says Mark, whose patients have reported decreased back pain, and increased scores on the golf links. All without even breaking a sweat. Win-win. kennethmarkmd.com